Ireland with its rich heritage, history, myth and legend; its spectacular, unspoiled, raw rural wildness, dotted with meandering valleys, fathomless lochs, majestic mountains , and blustery islands ,offers the walker the perfect holiday getaway amid the unique and untamed beauty of The Emerald Isle. Explore antiquated castles and keeps, ramble along the tops of heather clad hills, amble through ancient monastic sites, while drinking in panoramic breath taking scenery , or through the quiet of thick verdant forests in a country that remains unequalled in its primal allure.

Find an easy gait as you fall into the rhythm of this timeless and unique country, with its seductive, secluded and verdant walkways, open glacial moraines, bracing windswept plains, and endless ever changing coastline and sky that will remain with you forever, in a walking experience that will both delight and flood the senses. Take your first step into the holiday of a lifetime.